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The Swiss Observatory for Sport and Physical Activity

The Swiss Observatory for Sport and Physical Activity (Sport Observatory) has been gathering, analysing and publishing data on the state and development of Swiss sport since 2004. The Observatory has been commissioned by the Swiss Federal Office for Sport and is an important instrument for monitoring sport, physical activity and sports policy in Switzerland.

The Observatory's activities are being supported by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (bfu), the Swiss Accident Insurance Fund (Suva) and the Swiss Olympic Association.

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A total of 45 indicators covering various topics concerning sport and physical activity make up the core of the Observatory.

Short summaries of the indicators in English are available on the pages introducing the six thematic domains of the indicator system:

1. Promotion of sport

2. Education and research

3. Performance and top level sports

4. Fair and safe sports

5. The Swiss sport system

6. "Radar" and special indicators

More detailled information is available in German on the single indicator pages that also contain links to PDF-files including further information. There is also a German language PDF-document containing all indicators.

"Sport Switzerland" and further research

The new study on Sport Clubs in Switzerland is now available in German, French and Italian.

Also available:

Other recent research includes a study on sport clubs and associations in Switzerland and a survey on the consumption of sports in the media.

Further information on "Sport Switzerland" and other research projects...


March 2018

The following indicator has been updated:

3.1 Success of Swiss athletes in international sport

December 2017

The following indicators have been updated:

4.1 Level and development of sport accidents and injuries

4.2 Cost of sport accidents and injuries

5.4 Sport clubs and associations

5.9 Voluntary work in sport

November 2017

The following indicator has been updated:

4.5 Antidoping

September 2017

A new report examines the situation of sport clubs across Europe. The report contains data from the 2016 sport club survey.

June 2017

The following indicator has been updated:

3.2 Talent selection and promotion

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