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Education and research

"Education and research" is one of the Observatory's indicator domains and includes eight groups of indicators.

Short information on the indicators in this domain is available by clicking on the indicators' names below. More complete information in German can be displayed by clicking on the links on the left hand side.

2.1 Compusory school sports

Most cantons and schools appear to comply with Federal regulations regarding  compulsory school sports at the level of primary and lower secondary schools. However, some cantons appear to have problems to implement the regulation at the level of higher secondary education.

2.2 Education programmes for sports teachers

Currently, there are 80 study courses in 22 universities and colleges leading towards qualifiations to work as sport teachers.

2.3 Sport studies and sport students

Several universities and colleges in Switzerland offer sport study courses. Since the late 1980s the number of sports studends has increased considerably from about 500 to currently about 2000 persons. The current decline in numbers is mainly due to the realignement of some study courses which do no longer count as "sport studies" but have taken a broader focus on health and science.

2.4 Training programmes for sports coaches and managers

Currently, some 150 persons per year attend the basic and diploma training courses for coaches. These courses are provided jointly by Swiss Olympic and the Federal Sports School in Maccolin.

2.5 Training programmes for "Youth and Sport" coaches

Currently, there are about 140'000 licensed J+S coaches and managers in Switzerland. For a license to stay valid, managers have to attend further education courses every second year. As a result, there is a differentiated system of training courses for J+S coaches and managers that has been used by some 70'000 persons in 2012. Courses are held at the Federal Office for Sport in Macolin as well as in the framework of sports federations and cantonal organisations.

2.6 Training programmes for adult citizens' sport coaches

In 2009, the training programmes for adult sport coaches of the FOSPO were concentrated under the heading "Erwachsenensport Schweiz esa" (sport for adults). In 2014 more than 400 courses offered by about 35 different partner organisations of esa were carried out.

2.7 Quality of school sports

This indicator is not yet available. Data are not expected before 2014/15.

2.8 Research and evaluation

Research on sport does not play a major role in Swiss research. However, the FOSPO's research concepts that have been carried out from 2004 onwards have led to a notable increase in available funding for research on sport since the early 2000s.

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