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A document (PDF) containing detailled information on all indicators is available in German.


The Obervatory comprises 45 indicators and groups of indicators, covering a broad range of topics related to Swiss sports in the following six domains:

Area 1: Promotion of sport and physical activity

The following 8 indicators report on different aspects of the "promotion of sport and physical activity" in Switzerland:

1.1 Physical activity in the adult population

1.2 Physical activity of children and teenagers

1.3 Sports activity in the adult population

1.4 Sports activity of children and teenagers

1.5 "Youth and Sport" (J+S) programme

1.6 Physical activity opportunities for children and teenagers

1.7 Physical fitness of young adults

1.8 Physical activity opportunities for adults

Area 2: Education and research

The 8 indicators of this domain refer to various aspects of "education and reserch in sport":

2.1 Compusory school sports

2.2 Education programmes for sports teachers

2.3 Sport studies and sport students

2.4 Training programmes for sports coaches and managers

2.5 Training programmes for "Youth and Sport" coaches

2.6 Training programmes for adult citizens' sport coaches

2.7 Quality of school sports

2.8 Research and evaluation

Area 3: Top level sports

There are 6 indicators in this domain:

3.1 Success of Swiss athletes in international sports

3.2 Talent selection and promotion

3.3 Educational opportunities for talented athletes

3.4 Promotion of elite sports

3.5 Sports events

3.6 Sport and media

Area 4: Fair and safe sports

There are 9 indicators in this area referring to various dimensions of safety and fairplay:

4.1 Level and development of sport accidents and injuries

4.2 Cost of sport accidents and injuries

4.3 Accident prevention in sport

4.4 Violence and fairplay in sport

4.5 Antidoping

4.6 Prevention of substance abuse in sport

4.7 Sport and social integration

4.8 Environmental impact of sports

4.9 Public perception of sport

Area 5: Swiss sport system

The 11 indicators in this domain refer, on the one hand side, to important actors and organisations in Swiss sport, and, on the other hand, to the economic impact of sport.

5.1 Federal Office for Sport

5.2 Public actors and organisations at the regional level (cantons)

5.3 Public actors and organisations at the local level

5.4 Sport clubs and associations

5.5 International sport organisations in Switzerland

5.6 Private providers of sport opportunities

5.7 Economic impact of sport

5.8 Sport and occupation

5.9 Voluntary work in sport

5.10 Sport facilities

5.11 Spaces and areas for physical activity

Area 6: "Radar" and special indicators

This area will contain a number of indicators refering to the general context in which sport unfolds. In addition, special indicators of limited interest may added to this group of indicators.

6.1 Radar I: Demographic change

6.2. Radar II:Political and economic context

6.3 Radar III: International developments


Currently, information on 44 indicators is available. Further information relating to the different indicators is available in the following ways:

  • Short summaries in English are available by clicking on the main indicator domains on the left hand side.
  • After clicking on the main indicator domains on the left hand side, a sub-menu pops open that contains all the indicators of the respective domain. By clicking on these indicators, a new window appears with information (including a link to a PDF-file) in German.
  • Finally, the full set of indicators is available in PDF-format (German only).

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