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The Swiss Observatory for Sport and Physical Activity has published indicators on the development of Swiss sport since 2004. However, the first idea to establish an observatory was already included in the "Concept of the Federal Council for Swiss Sports Policy" of November 2000:

"The Federal Council wishes to be informed periodically on developments in the area of sport. Positive as well as negative developments shall be detected by a yet to define 'Observatory'. Undesirable developments and grievances will have to be eliminated in co-operation with other partners in Swiss sport."

In the meantime, the Observatory's programme has been extended and adapted to new developments in several instances. Most recently, the indicators have been reworked and rearranged to reflect the new "Federal Law on the Promotion of Sport and Physical Activity" (in force since October 2012) better.

The main task of the Observatory is to gather, analyse and publish data on the state and development of sport and physical activity in Switzerland to create a sound basis for the evaluation of sport and sport policy measures.

The Observatory publishes thematic indicators refering to important areas of Swiss sport and carries out its own research studies on the basis of original surveys or secondary analyses of existing data.

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The Observatory is funded and co-ordinated by the Federal Office for Sport (FOSPO) and operated by Lamprecht und Stamm Sozialforschung und Beratung AG.

In addition, the Observatory co-operates closely with a number of partner organisations that  form part of an advisory group:


Further close ties exist with a number of resarch groups and universities active in Swiss sports research.


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Observatory Sport and physical activity Switzerland
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