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A document (PDF) containing detailled information on all indicators is available in German.

"Radar" and special indicators

"Radar and special indicators" refers to general indicators that should render possible a cautious assessment of future trends as well as to a number of indicators of limited relevance. This domain does not yet include any indicators. However, three "radar indicators" should become available in the course of summer 2013.

Short information on the indicators in this domain is available by clicking on the indicators' names below. More complete information in German can be displayed by clicking on the links on the left hand side.

Radar I: demographic changes

Forecasts by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office suggest that the Swiss population will further increase over the next few decades. Even though the share of the population aged 50 years and more will increase, the absolute number of children will probably remain stable. As a result, youth sports will not "die out" but a shift towards an increasing weight of adult sports is probable.

Radar II: political and economic context

There are some indications that the Swiss economy will remain strong in the future. To the extent that a majority of the workforce will stay employed, the time for leisure and sport will continue to be scarce. On the other hand, paid work implies the availability of funds to finance leisure pursuits such as sport.

Radar III: international developments

International data suggest that sports participation in Switzerland is among the highest in the world. As a result, the potential for a further expansion of sports activity is comparatively limited.

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