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Apart from the compilation of indicators, the Observatory also engages in specific research studies.

These studies include:

  • Sport Switzerland survey (see boxes on the right)
  • Survey of Swiss sport clubs and associations (see box below)
  • Secondary analyses of the Federal Statistical Office's Swiss Health Survey (SHS) 2007 with respect to health enhancing physical activity (see indicator 1.1); this study will repeated with the data of the SHS 2012; first results will be published in indicator 1.1 in late 2013, a more complete report should be available in the course of 2014.
  • Survey on the public's interest in media sports (2012, see indicator 3.6)
  • Comparative analyses of Swiss athletes' success on occasion of Olympic Games: Since the late 1990s this study has been repeated immediatly after the Olympic Summer and Winter Games; the data base includes success of all participating countries by sport since 1964. The next report will be prepared in early 2014 (Sotchi Winter Games) and be used for updating indicator 3.1.
  • Secondary analyses of the Federal Statistical Office's surveys on the traffic and transport in Switzerland (see indicator 4.8).

For an overview of recent publications and downloads (mostly in German) not already present on this page please click here.

Sport Switzerland 2014

The "Sport Switzerland" survey has been carried out in 2000, 2008 and 2014. In 2014, about 11'000 persons aged between 15 and 74 years were interviewed by telephone and with an online questionnaire on their sports activity, their sport consumption and their perception of sport. An additional sample of children aged 10-14 years looks at the sports practice of this group on the basis of a specially adapted questionnaire.

The results of the 2000, 2008 and 2014 studies have been published in brochures and scientific articles (see also below). There are three reports on "Sport Switzerland 2014" (in German; for the French versions please change the language above; some italian versions are also availabel on the start page):

Factsheets containing detailed information on the 40 most popular sports in Switzerland:

Report on children:


Base report for 2014:

National survey of sport clubs and associations

The latest edition of our survey of Swiss sport clubs and sport associations is available in German, French and Italian:


See also the 2010 study:

"Sport Switzerland" 2000 and 2008 reports

By clicking on the pictures below, you can download PDF-versions of important reports (in German; for the French versions please change the language):

General report 2008:


Factsheets on different sports 2008:


Report on children and teenagers 2008:


Sport Switzerland 2000:


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